Seeing Nations in Nuts and Bolts

It’s been really fun trying to explain to people our vision when it looks like dirty warehouses and serving tired missionaries. Even Joe and I get caught up in the immediate view in front of us. Managing our crew of local workers, fixing vehicles, putting up and taking down tents, making beds and ensuring food is ready definitely has the potential to narrow one’s vision.

And then there are moments that shift our focus. Like when you see a dusty and tired team return from a hugely successful expedition. And you see the truck that needed hours of repair – it was that vehicle that took them into unknown unreached locations and faithfully brought them home.

Or you see a staff member who’s poured years into one of her disciples only to have to question some things in his life and watch as he walks away. You see her slip into your quiet office, sink into a chair with a cup of coffee, take a deep breath and begin to share the hurt with you.

And we realize. Those hours put in under a truck, putting up tents for a team and that cup of coffee made. There are Nations there.

Because, dear wonderful lovely supporters; here’s what you don’t see. To reach the unreached nations we have to leave behind family, friends, churches and every other support system.

You know that night your child gets horribly sick and you need to go to the doctors ASAP. But you don’t worry because, even though your husband is out of town your mom is only a call away, and 3PM or 3AM she’ll be there for you. My co-workers don’t have that. So we step in. We watch their children or drive a dirt road to town and spend the night together in a clinic. Yep, I’ve found Nations there too.

Or the time you get the absolute worst news from home, and you can’t sleep and just need to be with someone who gets it. On the field there isn’t a choice of old friends and family, Pastors or Church to run to. So we run to each other. And you know what? In that moment, when life could take us out of our calling but those who know bring us back, Nations are changed.

There are times I let my eyes slip to the natural. I wonder how another day is well spent when honestly, I probably didn’t lead a bible study that day. Complete honesty: maybe I didn’t pray for someone to be healed or saved that day. I most likely spent it helping in the kitchen and office, making beds, organizing airport pick ups and checking if anything is needed in the warehouse. But then I lift my eyes. And I see our team who are spread out into the most remote places, preaching the gospel and discipling believers. And I know that Nations are being changed as a direct result of the roles we hold, logistical or not.

And here’s the awesome part. Those hours spent under a truck and in the office that lead to Nations being changed. Those hours are made possible because of the team we have behind us. The Churches and individuals praying for us and financially supporting us. The co-workers who encourage us to keep going and growing. The friends from home who reach out and make sure we’re thriving in our personal lives. That conversation over coffee, dinner shared, or Facebook message sent to check in. Yup, Nations are there. Right there with you.

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  1. M says:

    Awesome, good job guys. Love yous


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