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Hi there!

We created this blog to give you a glimpse into our everyday life, a ‘behind the scenes’ view of life on the mission field. We have an incredible support team across the globe and hope this is an easy way for you to feel involved and connected with our lives.
Some of what we share will be personal thoughts and revelations, some will be stories and others will be photo updates.
All of it is with the heart of doing life well with you.


Joe and I met in 2008 and we eventually fell in love and got married.

Joe joined Overland Missions (OM) in 2007, we met a year later and it was “like a lot but we both have different stuff going on” at first sight. Joe stayed in Zambia while I went home to England, planning on finishing my studies and joining OM. 2010 I became a full time missionary (with OM) and began to fundraise. May 2011 Joe called me for my birthday and we’ve been talking ever since.

28th October, 2012 I said yes… 23rd February, 2013 we said I do… 11th April, 2013 we moved as a married couple to Zambia. Add a few fun filled years and it brings us to today.

We oversee the Well Drilling/Pump Repair division within Overland Missions, working with neglected communities in Zambia to bring them much needed clean water. Alongside this we manage the logistics of Overland Missions’ Africa HQ, Rapid 14. It’s hard to describe what these roles entail, so we thought we’d show you.

We hope you enjoy our stories.

Overland Missions is committed to sharing the hope and love of Jesus to the most remote people groups. To find out more or to see how you can be involved please visit our website.

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