Capturing Beauty

One of my 2017 goals is to be more creative, and find something artistic that I have a passion for.  The past few years I’ve been playing around with taking photos and have realized that I seriously enjoy it. Although, I still don’t understand how I can point a machine at something, press a button and then I’ve created exactly that image! Joe’s tried to explain it, it’s too much for my brain.

But it’s decided; 2017 is going to be the year that I learn how to use my camera properly, and hopefully get some award winning shots (by award winning, I mean I’ll post them here and hopefully you’ll appreciate them). I’m excited to have found this creative outlet, and love that I am mindfully looking for and capturing moments of beauty in the places and people that add up to one heck of a beautiful life. And I’m very excited to share snapshots of our life with you!

Here’s a couple that I particularly enjoy, and am just a smidgen proud of. L x

P.S. All photography tips and wisdom are greatly welcomed and appreciated. My camera is a Canon Rebel t5.

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